Poser stuff and Backyard Wildlife

Since it's hard to wave my arm around, I worked on things that I could do by putting numbers into fields. I scanned a bunch of stuff Monday and formatted it to be a size that could be imported into Poser, and spent today doing lists, documentation, and test renders. This is one--it's a collaboration between me, my friend Laura (that is her Shiloh for V4), and the dress is by my New Zealand fellow bjd enthusast Prae, and the the necklace Shiloh is wearing is by Parrotdolphin, who I go out to lunch with occasionally. I managed to do several renders that looked good, with the computer doing the hard part of coloring in things.

I did break down and clean the bathroom floor, but I did a lot of it with a cloth and my feet. It needed to be done.

Stripey has been watching squirrel TV. This squirrel lady has been the star of Stripey's afternoon entertainment for several days now. For a squirrel, she is pretty cute.


  1. I tried Poser and Victoria from somewhere ages ago, with the idea of designing dresses on them. You are a genius. I just have brain fail if I even try Second Life.

    I'm trying to teach my bored cat (no squirrels around here) to do the house work. So far, we're not getting anywhere. He's afraid of all the equipment. And he absolutely refuses to wear the maid's apron.

    1. Clothes are a whole new level of complication. I made my first shirt this week and then it exploded into little polygons when I moved "the doll". Apparently I used the wrong format when I saved it! That doesn't usually happen with fabric.

      I bet the cats would lick the dishes clean for you..they also are good at getting cobwebs from behind the dryer. But yes, the vacuum is right out :D
      Try the maid's hat instead ...

    2. Usually, but something like that happens some days. >.> How else to explain the mess in my sewing studio? ^_^

      There's a photo waiting to happen. I'll try my doll's maid bandeau. If someone is man enough to hold the cat still.


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