HiveWire's Dawn

I am supposed to be a vendor over at, dutifully churning out 3d products, and as part of that I was supposed to download, use, and make stuff for HiveWire's "rival for poser figure Victoria 4" Dawn so Renderosity could rollout a big "get Dawn for Poser free... and then buy our stuff for her!" This was back in August and I have had other things to do, to put it mildly. I guess two out of three isn't bad? Because I did finally download Dawn,(two days ago) installed her in Poser, moved some polygons on her nose with a tool in Poser..and then went out and bought a texture from Rhiannon on Renderosity, because "ain't nobody got time for that," that being painting up, from scratch, a new texture on the supplied UV maps. (It take me about a month of cursing to paint up a full figure with no breaks, seams or weird spots. It's not fun.) I did at least do a render of Dawn, so I am not a total slacker. The character Rhi painted is called Rose Raven and I think it's on sale over at, and the Pinky-esque pose here is by Ilona, from her "Hot Blooded" set. I actually do like Dawn, enough that I reinstalled Argile (by N-sided) a nice little utility for making 3d objects, so I could morph Dawn's noggin more easily. Dawn could use a lot more polygons in said noggin, though. Maybe Dawn 2.0 will be a little more poly-riffic.