Frost and the Awkward Arm

Yes, that was me yesterday, though Raisin (a Soom Migma) is more stylishly dressed than I am. It's not the strained shoulder muscle that is the whole problem, some of the problem is the ibuprofen I am supposed to be taking to keep the swelling down. It's like the Underachiever Drug. I did finally brush my hair, with Stripey's help, around 3 PM yesterday, but most of the day I spent sitting, working on the computer, where I can mouse left-handed, instead of painting the walls with a roller, raking leaves, bagging leaves, vaccuming, folding laundry, and digging in tulips and spreading mushroom compost. (Which I am going to do tomorrow, arm or no arm. Before the compost bag freezes to the ground, like it did last embarassing) Frost has taken it's toll on the garden, though it's pretty in a way:

Raisin points to the very soggy morning glories:

And the Monster is turning into an interesting collection of twigs instead of leaves:

I think I will clean up the stems on the ground but leave the stems up on the post for the winter--the yard is pretty dull without something there. I should buy more lawn statues...or a dwarf.


  1. Raisin's purple looks much nicer in customer photos then the company ones.

    I've always wanted one of those big porcelain tiger to hide in the back yard and move around occasionally. That way I could ignore the over growth for a reason.

    1. That would be cool--they need to be brought in when it's cold, though. I wonder if they have resin ones now?

      And yes, the "purple" is really subtle--it will eventually turn olive green, but I like her anyway--her long nail hands are a bit green already. Also, Fairies don't care what color they are ;D


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