Cabinets and Eyes

I am still trying to rest my arm/shoulder somewhat, so I spent yesterday weed wacking (instead of mowing with the push mower, or pulling weeds by hand) so the yard looks neater, though fall is setting in and stuff is starting to wither a bit. I really miss my gray cat, too--he would always come up and bump against me when I was working outside. We did find that he was killed by a hawk, and we were able to bury him in the backyard, thanks to a neighbor who found him. We knew we might lose him to a hawk or a coyote,or a car, but keeping him penned in the house most of the time (like we do his less-competent sister) just wasn't an option.

The morning glory is still huge, and there are still roses all over:

I decided to replace the cabinet pulls in the kitchen as an easy fix-up project, and to save myself bother, I went to Ikea and got Ikea pulls so I would be sure they would fit.

But no! The span of the new pulls was just a couple of millimeters longer than the plastic pulls, so each pull had to have one hole filed slightly wider, and then, the supplied metric bolts were too short to fit through the drawers and the drawer face. So I went to Home Depot to get longer bolts and they metric bolt. One, in that huge store. In it's own little plastic bag, for 69 cents, and I needed 32 of them. So I went over one aisle and just bought similar pulls for the drawers with English 8/32 bolts. Here are the English pulls and bolts on the left, and the metric ones on the right.

So if you want an Ikea kitchen, be forewarned about the need for metric hardware.

Even with the new English bolts, the ones that fit the drawers were still 1/4 inch too long, so I dug through one of the stashes of hardware out in the shop, and found some hex nuts that were the perfect size to pad the back of the bolts--and some cool locking rings I am going to steal for a dress or something for Tesla ;)

By 5 o'clock today I had replaced the pulls in the main part of the kitchen. It took two sets of screwdrivers, a long and a short set, a pair of tinsnips to cut the chain holding the "bin drawers" under the sink where you can store moldy sponges (I did not store anything in there), 16 hex nuts, two kinds of cabinet pulls, a small round file and a drill to change those cabinet pulls, and two trips to Home Depot and one to Ikea. Home projects are never "easy".

And finally, my eyes from Shelly (Ersa Flora) came today! This is not a great photo--they look like opals unless you look very closely, and then you can see the printed circuitry. I try to take photos of them in a doll tomorrow, and the other two pairs I bought from her.


  1. I'm sure the grey cat's spirit is happy to be home in the garden. I'm so sorry for your lose.

    Those are seriously cool eyes. Ersa Flora has really added to their designs lately, I'll have to go look again.

    1. Aww, thank you so much--and yes, he was totally an outdoor cat; really more like a pet bobcat than a "housecat".

      The Ersa Flora eyes are my design :D you can supply her with any jpg (there is a template on the site) and she will bake them up for you! It was her idea to put the foil behind the design, and it makes it look so good.


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