Soom says Eff You, Iplehouse!

..Because they have trotted out a gray fangy guy and named him Captain Hook, so it would fit, sort of, with the Fairy Tale theme. And yes, down here in this corner, little Luts shakes their fist and also throws not one, but TWO demon dolls (and two tinies) into the ring! It's a fang free-for-all!

However, Soom can boast that Captain Hook has...crocodile feets. :o

Take that, Iplehouse! Bwahahaha!!!


  1. Nice coat for a guy who needs a massive pedicure. But does he tick?

    1. I think you have to provide your own ticks :D

  2. Looks everyone wants to cash in on these fangtastic times! Now the everlasting question, wings or lizard legs?

  3. Oh, wings, hands down. Try pulling pants up over lizard legs.


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