Happy Halloween!

This is a pretty quiet Halloween here--since J never came up with a costume request (or went on an extended business trip to Brazil, which usually means a lot of sewing gets done) I didn't sew anything; though when I was looking in my closet this morning I realized that if I wore black sweats and my Hubble sky map T shirt, I could claim I was "The Adler Planetarium". We do have a bucket of crap candy from Costco, though we have already eaten out all the tiny snickers bars and Reeses. We even went last night to Target to get an extra bag of Reeses just in case extra kids show up, but the truth is we live in a part of town that is really hard to trick or treat in--no streetlights, no sidewalks and the houses are far apart with a long walk to get to each one. I figure that at 7:30 any child that shows up is getting the entire bucket, and then I am turning the porch light off. We did get a pumpkin:

It's also supposed to rain buckets today, so much so that some townships considered "moving trick or treating to Saturday" which of course is nonsense. As J said, if a kid shows up on Saturday asking for candy, they are out of luck. It's Halloween or nothing for free candy. I normally decorate for Halloween, but that arm thing has made lifting cobwebs and rubber bats around problematic. I have lots of music appropriate since I normally listen to the Tea Party (the Canadian Goth band), Blue Oyster Cult and Evanescence when I work, but instead right now I am listening to Rhianna. I have managed to learn most of the lyrics to "Loud" with only a few missing words (though since I have been taking ibuprofen I can hear somewhat better, strangely). So here is Rhianna singing:

"There's a party in the bar, everyone put your glasses on..."

Well, I'll drink to that. :D May you have a happy and safe Halloween!