Thursday, October 10, 2013

Granado Andy

Granado, apparently not ever taking time off to eat or sleep, has released another set of "twin" sculps, Anne and Andy (amusingly like the Raggedy Anne and Andy of my childhood). Like the cloth doll, Anne and Andy both have endearing smiles and Andy has a backstory of being a British archaeologist. Never mind that the only two real British archaeologists I have known looked like a stock "British Bobby" policeman and James from Top Gear; Andy is everything you would want in a play archaeologist. I have no real plans for him--it's been an expensive two months, with one thing and another. Unfortunately Granado has also discovered the joys of having a time-limited sculpt, so Anne and Andy are only on sale from Oct 9th, 2013 to Oct 31, 2013.

Andy Sales Page Here

Anne sales page here

If you are planning to hybrid, Anne has a smaller neck hole (check the sizes), also, and Andy will only come with the older body, not the Nuevo, also possibly because of his neck size.

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