Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Cool Little Book

Akutenshi7 came over today and brought me Kona coffee, organized my clothing bins and presented my dolls with this wonderful little book. (Josiah Aldwood, Victorian Gentleman and the proud new owner of the DollHeart cravat; is currently holding the Book.)

A close reading of the cover is pretty amusing--it says:

(Flourish with crown)

"Write Down Your Wish

This magic book is gonna help you

(ornate medallion)



(end ornate medallion)

Precious Memories

Linenote, Idea, Memo, Daybook

Since 1981

Tradition Notebook


Well, that seems to cover everything. It's blank inside so Teodor can add his own Greek scribbles and diagrams. I need to make more of these little books!

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