ChitownDollz Meetup--random groups

Akutenshi's group! With Soom Grey in the center, with his little blue toes. Awwww!

That is a Soom Io in the center, with the red hair. (Non-scar version).

There is that tan Linlan again from an earlier meet--she's so pretty!

A bunch of Volks people. The guy in sunglasses on the end says: "Why did you bother with a stand? I don't need it. I could stand here all day. No sweat."

Some very cool Soom Centaurs!

I loved the clothes and hair on these guys--the loli-esque kimono were designed and sewn by Keely's Cute Kimono, and the hair was done by Lynn Nexus. I loved the colors and patterns and the whole look of this crew!

Here's one more:

This made me laugh--I looked at the Brown Tan Chalco up in the back and thought, wow, I have never seen a brown tan Chalco, I wonder what release he was...and then I was "D'oh" I OWN a pair of brown tan hooves from the first release. He looks good in civilian clothes!

I think that is a Minifee El on the end there and I was intrigued by the sign that says he was primered that color (and yes, do not touch). He has a great faceup on top of it, too.

The Little Fee army. I think these are Rachel's. There are even more off to the side.

Pretty girls all in a row: Minifee..Chloe?, minifee Mirwen, Lilycat Cerise Lyse(?) Minifee....Alex. (I am not sure who Alex is). The owner of these cuties also had a Free Choice NS Breccia on what looked like a Vesuvia body (with the pretty hands). SO BEAUTIFUL. Such a rubbish photo I took of her, though. That is a FL 60 cm Mirwen next to her as well, also looking cute.

And who is this gorgeously-dressed Elf? I haven't a clue--but she looks like what you would get if you put elf ears on a Granado Katrien head :o.

Hmmm elf ears on a Katrien head..(looks shifty).

There are also photos I took of the stuff I bought. I bought a lot because there was no shipping and some of it was astoundingly..thrifty! I'll post those later.


  1. That last picture is of a Supiadoll Nael, and I know this because she's mine lol. Glad you liked her :)


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