Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stuff in the Mail

First up, Sicktress fixed Dragael's wings (she also named her, so it seems appropriate). Unfortunately, it turns out the Nephelin wings are sort of custom drilled, so the holes on each side of her torso aren't drilled the same:

(You can see where I need to put the magnet back in as well. But after seeing Sicktress working on her guy to build up his back, I think I will do a small scale version of the same, and drill out that left wing hole where it needs to be, and fill in the other holes completely with LaDoll. The wings will be in just one position, and that is ok with me. I also got a pair of Soom Monzo wings and they have a sort of hex key connector which is a million times more sensible than the magnet and pin assembly--you can change the angle but the wings are in there securely:

And Mom sent me two wonderful things! A dress, which Ereshkigal promptly stole:

It's sparkly and has a lot of center detail that you can't see from this angle, as I was just trying to get the light right for the photo. The design is by Undermost Salamander on Ravelry.

Then there was this amazing scarf; the pattern is from Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren from the Twist Collective, and it takes some sort of supernatural knitting ability to make this:

Despite matching his hair, Coppersmith does not get to keep it--it will go to Gemma or Tesla, the steampunk girls. Mom is the best. :D ( She has dolls too).

And finally, Jenny Nemesis sent some boots, which also went into Ereshkigal's rapidly-filling bin. The boots not only look awesome, Eresh can wear them in her flat feet and stand unaided on my rickety deck.

Thank everyone SO MUCH and for the EYES..LOTS AND LOTS OF EYES bwahahah. It was like Christmas in July!


  1. Ooops! Undermost Salamander designed the dress. The scarf is by Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren from Twist Collective.

    1. Ok! Fixed it in the body text :D Thank you again and hugs!!

  2. I really like the hex-shaped back slots -- the three pairs of Iple wings I own do have some design quirks (there's a ball-shaped piece with the magnet which is *separate* and easy to lose), but they are super-poseable and secure in the slots.

    (I may eventually glue the magnet-dealie to the larger part of the wing, although that will affect their back-to-front posing -- but would largely eliminate my fear of a wing dropping off and shattering someday.)

    Good luck getting your Nephilin's slots sorted out!! <3


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