A Review of Granado's Updated Maiden Body

So here she is, (sitting with her knees together) and she is Normal Pink, Forward Bust; and at the moment, lacking a head :D. I would say that I have two small pieces of bad news and one doll-nerd fantastic good news about this body. First the bad news: with innovation comes problems:

You see here built in sueding of silicon inserts, which does make arm posing really nice. But...the inserts are tricky to place in such a narrow spot, and I have shadowing on the front of the chest plate, here:

I would suggest letting the owners put in their own sueding here, as different people want different things (and sometimes completely different arms). It would save hassle and problems when casting, too.

Problem number two, which has nothing really to do with the design but with this particular chest plate:

A little hard to see in the photo, but the chest wall is paper thin between the breasts--this seems to be a common casting problem. (some of the full doll Soom Super Gem Saiphs came out like this). I'm going to glue in a bit of fabric to reinforce this area and hopefully prevent cracking in the future.

OK, enough of the bad news--this body has a little innovation that I want everyone to run out and do the same, because it is simple but awesome:

I can hear you say "A hip slot...so what?" Look again at the right leg--no visible hip slot. Then look where the slot is in the right leg. It's not on the front of the leg, but on the inside of the thigh. And you know what? It works just exactly like a front slot, you just have to rotate the knee slightly outward for some poses, like this:

The peanut knees float a bit, so they can adjust to the pose of the hips. The shape of the hip ball (which is attached) is super important--the groove you can see across the top of the leg lets her both sit easily but also securely, and at the same time you don't need a separate ball there, or Fairyland's weird slot covers. And guess what? The body is conventionally strung all the way through:

AWW YESSS!!!! This is like my dream leg arrangement. I am a big fan of the peanut knees and elbows too--I know some people have an aesthetic problem with them, but oh man can they pose.

Just a foot detail--I like that it's a real person's foot, someone who had slightly too tight shoes when growing up, so the toes are a bit crowded.

Here's the lovely hands:

And finally standing on one foot--it's a little hard to see, but she has one foot about an inch off the table.

I'm going to try on the Nuevo heel feet on this body later and I will post the results then, and maybe some heads too.