Monday, July 6, 2015

Lafayette Gets No Respect

L'Hermione was docked in Philly, and I asked K about it. It's been a trying week for her, working at two museums on Independence Square during the leadup to the Fourth of July. She's not fond of crowds anyway (ironic since she works with them) and she described the scene with throngs of happy holiday-goers as a "hellscape". It's also been predictably hot and muggy. So when a tiny little old lady came up to speak with K at the museum, speaking in an indescribable mix of French and English, K decided to just not admit to speaking French at all.

"I am sorry, I don't speak French, just English"

"I am speaking English!" the lady said indignantly, "I am from LermianeeeAYYY" (there was a poster of L'Hermione on the wall, I am not sure there was pointing or not at this juncture) "I am the descendant of the Marquis de Lafayette!"

K, immensely relieved to finally A) understand her and B) it wasn't anything she had to do something about, that she just smiled brightly, said "that's cool! Enjoy the museum! Don't touch any of the exhibits!", and waved them in.

And that is how K told the descendant of the Marquis basically "Cool story, bro."

K also sent me the poster after the Hermione left the dock, because she knew that was the size and style of frigate I like the best. Even if it is French. :D

A lot of the best ships of the 18th century Royal Navy were, in fact, once French or based on French designs. If you would like to see L'Hermione at Williamsburg and American Duchess all dressed up to visit, go here. (Im totally stealing the sailor costume refs).

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