Soom's (Female) Romantic Heliot, in Tawny

Once again Prince Whitemare is first on the Soom site and comes back with the URL of this pretty lady. I will update it once she is released! This is also the first outfit that I have really, really wanted. It's just my style. :D Of course here is another splendid doll released after earlier splendid dolls, so I am not sure how or if I will be able to get her, but I will certainly stalk her photos!

By the way, Soom's site uses Flash; (Soom, why) and after disabling it in Chrome, the top bar on the home page and all the moving stuff no longer displays. I guess I can live with that. Flash has gotten so virus-ridden the newest version of Firefox kills it right off the bat, also eliminating a lot of pesky ads.

And...there is a Boy Romantic Heliot! The girl and the boy are both on the new bodies, but so far the listing doesn't have a drop-down for the Easy Pose thigh, and you need that. Here are the outfits. And the wigs.


  1. This is very very interesting ~ if she were white skin and did not have those amber ears I might actually be interested in her :D

    1. I'm really curious about her feet--I am not normally a fan of the ears, but for some reason I like them here. If I can get the outfit as a standalone I will be all over that. Also Bronze is the most beautiful color <3


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