Roswell, Agate and some Cherries

Roswell was once a "Beauty Green" Dark Elf Soo from Luts, and she was in pretty tough shape when she came-- you can see her right out of the box here. She was put on a heavily modded and dyed Luts Delf body and painted Sienna all over, and she has been one of my favorites ever since. She sits happily out in the sun, wears any goofy thing I have or nothing with equal good cheer. She's currently wearing some second-hand Dollbakery eyes and they are pretty nice--I like the smooth resin back. I think the color is "Galaxy"? Which seems appropriate for a little alien.

Other people are also progressing--I have Agate's feet just about finished (I need to add some padding between the ankles and the paws):

Yes, there is glitter on her toes. Here she is full-length before I redid her feet:

(Cat made her splendid cloak)

I think she is just adorable!

Today's task will be to glue in her horn magnets and decorate them.

I got up early this morning (the cat was hungry and dropped on me from on top of the climber), so since we were up anyway, we went to Home Depot and then up to Downers Grove to the Farmer's Market, all before ten o'clock. Among other things, I found fresh Michigan sour cherries, which need to be pitted; but once they are all ready I am going to see if I can make a tart out of them.

Forty-five minutes of pitting later (and I still missed some pits), then some stovetop cooking and dough making, and then this:

It was pretty tasty, but next time I think I will use conventional cherries.