Mr. Dollshe explains wait times...

Limited sale event has ended. Due to heavy volume of orders on hand, it will take about 2 months until ready for shipping.

* We would like to explain the following to ask for your kind understanding of our shipping schedule. Please review the following information thoroughly in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

* Silicone molds are customized depending on the type of the individual doll. The quantity that can be casted from a single silicone mold is limited, therefore, it will take longer to finish the doll. For example, when we receive a large volume of "Type A" orders that are popular and small volume of "Type B" orders that are relatively less popular, the number of times we have to cast "Type A" is more redundant so it takes that much longer and shipping is delayed as, mentioned above, the quantity that can be casted from a single silicone mold is limited. "Type B" orders, on the other hand, do not have to be casted as often due to small order quantity, therefore allows us to shorten the shipping lead time. When performing silicone casting, once it is finished with casting and de-molded, it has to be left to dry in room temperature, otherwise, the occlusion of the mold will cause to result in bad parting line. If the heat remains in the silicone mold, it will cause the shortened curing time of ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resin and result in having small bubbles due to insufficient time to remove the air bubbles when vacuum molding. Because of such reason, line up, for which, we receive large volume of orders, takes a long time to cast them and result in shipping delay.

* Silicone molds are produced in custom per individual doll type and silicone molds that are damaged in the process of casting will be postponed until the new mold is produced. Usually silicone mold replication is possible up to 30 pieces, however, in consideration of defectives, up to 20 pieces can be available in finished product. This may vary depending on the shape and volume of the parts. * Shipping schedule ,for each line-up, is allocated in sequential order in which it was received. For example, shipping schedule of 28M CLASSIC line and 26F CLASSIC line will be different. If there are more orders for 28M CLASSIC line and less orders for 26F CLASSIC line, shipping lead time of the latter will be relatively shorter.

*Shipping schedule is from the date of order submission to the actual date the order is shipped. Shipping schedule is not include the actual receipt date of the order.

* When using layaway system of 4 payments, your order will begin casting upon the receipt of your 3rd payment and when using that of 3 payments, your order will begin casting upon the receipt of 2nd payment. However, in case of massive volume of workload and orders, your order will begin casting upon the receipt of the final payment.

* Actual shipping schedule may vary up to 2 weeks either sooner or later than the informed date.

* All dolls are produced upon the receipt of the order form. Schedule is subject to change in case of damage in silicone mold and other unavoidable circumstances. etc.

* We are in the process of detailing the figure of Fashion Line. We are expecting about 5 months of shipping period from the receipt of the order as we currently have excessive volume of launching anniversary promotion orders.

* We are updating our "Estimated Shipping Schedule" monthly. Estimated shipping schedule is only for your reference and may differ from the actual ship date. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the accurate ship date of your order.

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Best regards, DollShe craft

I've been told that when things get busy, his mom helps string the dolls for shipping....I'm amazed that they can get things done in two months, to be honest. I've seen all the little fiddly pieces that Haru Casting has to turn out and clean and it's an amazing amount of work. (The picture is just the only one I had of "someone waiting for something".)