Monday, July 20, 2015

Iplehouse Isis

Iplehouse, having apparently looked through my doll character sheets, has decided to actually make an Egyptian Princess, in this case based (according to Den of Angels speculation) on Natalie Portman:

(She already looks like an Iplehouse doll :))

So here is the prototype:

I will be waiting a couple of years to get her (I waited for Doria, and that was fine) but this bottom-feeding technique makes it hard to impossible to get her fullset clothing, which is looking pretty awesome:

Pictures are on Flickr:

Princesspink thinks the actress is Mila Kunis:


  1. Oh my! I think I might be in love with Isis already! Do you know when she goes on sale?

    1. Someone on Den of Angels said about 2 weeks, which seems about how long it takes for them to get everything ready. Usually the promo photos will show up on Iplehouse's Flickr first if you want a sneak peek!

  2. Do you think she would be in SID body or more like JID?

    1. She will be an NYID girl, like Vera. I like that size :D


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