More Chitown Photos (individuals)

Here are three Lusion dolls--you can't tell from the photo, but they are child sized--about a 4 year old size. I think the one in the center has an artist faceup, maybe Jay Searle? It's nice to be able to buy one's doll shoes at the kids department at Target, but on the other hand one doesn't normally have to dust children. I don't want one but I respect the audacity of having something that big. :D

Here is Akutenshi7's little dragon rascal, freshly painted by Francesca--he's a Resinsoul Jun. The photo does not do the detail justice, he's a little guy, not much larger than a minifee.

Here's two more of Akutenshi's girls: Magic Mirror Studios, Siobhan and Sinéad(?) (pokes Akutenshi to update her profile on DoA).

A Batchix Machina! They are such cool little msd sized dolls, with the added plus of not needing clothes, wigs or shoes.

Here's an Iplehouse Vera--I was happy to see her--in person the sculpt is very delicate and this faceup (Type B) is my favorite of the two options, it looks lovely on the "peach gold". I was also glad to see PG in person--it works beautifully for Vera, but I don't think I would like it on a boy doll because it's a "never seen the sun" look, and it's not as translucent as the RS or even the NS is. It's pink with very little gold in it as far as I can see, but this was under flourescent lights. This head is such a sharp perfect cast, too; I'm sorry my photo didn't capture that.

Here's an Iplehouse Addiction Chris, with his gorgeous fullset. Like Vera he was surprisingly delicate, sort of bird-boned. The NYID Iplehouse body is a nice size, close to the Soom Super Gems and the Granado Lads.

And a Fairyland Feeple 65 Elf Chloe, lookin' tough. Chloes can look derpy, but not this one! I love her ears.

I have no idea who this flirty person is--he/she might be a Soom (I don't look hard at the boys usually) or some other company entirely. All I know is that they were fabulous.

This is a fullset Sionna--Fairyland sells her, but she is created by another artist: Mandrak Moors. Her styling and outfit is gorgeous, as is her faceup!

Here's a snooty older Dollshe, a Saint (I am pretty sure, Bernards look close too). He's slim and tall, much thinner than the Iplehouse guys. Here's one more:

This one I think is a Bernard, who is kind of rare (Saints were very popular). I like how dignified he is.

As a last photo of this set, here is Lori's Owl, cast by Harucasting and done as a glow-in-the-dark owl as a gift to Lori's sons-- there were several not-glowy owls on sale at the meet and they are adorable (and beautifully cast). They fit perfectly in one's hand!