Swag from the Doll Meet

My big purchase was two handmade mohair wigs from Akutenshi7. The first one was for Gemma, since she has been sharing a wig with another doll and no one should have to share their hair. The second wig is for a doll that is still in progress and I want to finish her completely before I take pics, but I did want to share her gorgeous wig:

I really wanted a mohair wig for this girl since her hair needs to be able to be pinned up for different outfits. So pretty!

Then there was a raft of other deals that I found:

Two of these were from Akutenshi, though--a cravat that she bought for my guys (I think one of the Victorians, Josiah Aldwood, will get an outfit to match the cravat), and a chair. A 5.00 chair. I was very excited about the chair because they cost the earth to buy through the mail or ebay because of the shipping, and this one was a perfect size for Coppersmith. Here he is using the chair and passing around a bottle (a tiny Wheaton bottle with Ben Franklin on it, so it's a bit of an anachronism :D )

That blue wig that Pleione, Soom Cass, is wearing was also from the meet--it needs a little trimming here and there. Here's the group much later:

(Pleione says "Oh, yeah, yeah, I've been to Cap Haitien, I know that spot!") Gemma is just so done with this ocean stuff.

This is one pair of the Iplehouse shoes I bought, Bex got those AND the SD10 pleather jacket to match the pants Jenny Nemesis sent her (a lot of Bex's wardrobe is courtesy of Jenny Nemesis). Because I found The Wig for Bex at the meet, I took her old wig and donated it to Mr. Bun (Soom Northerly Breeze), who needed a wig that matched his eyebrows. I'm still a little dubious of his blue eye shadow, but the new wig helps his look, I think:

Finally, here are two more pix of Volks dolls from the meetup, first, "Babysitting is Hard":

And the most fabulous Hello Kitty Princess Evar: