A Fairyland 60 head and a Granado Maiden Body

I have been trying to put together a particular doll for ages, so I can make some bizarre fantasy clothes for her. The Gnostic god Abraxas, who is noted for looking pretty darn goofy...

...and who is supposedly the basis for the "magic" phrase "Abracadabra", hasn't much material culture left over these days; a few medallions, a few medieval notes on "Abraxas as Demon", which happened to a lot of the older minor gods when Christianity moved into where the older gods had been worshiped previously, and that is about it. So what does a retired god do? Keep bees? Take up knitting? Most likely collect books about their former speciality, which I assume was ceremonial magic and possibly calendar-keeping. Since I felt Abraxas didn't have to be male or female (it's hard to tell anyway when you are a chicken-headed snake thing) I settled on looking for a 65- 70 cm Amazon in Beauty White and started looking around. I got a Dia, but I had forgotten how immense the Dia head is (which is why you see mostly Dia boys.) I tried various other combinations of heads and bodies, and it was all pretty meh--until I saw snowgray's Celine Sleeping Plate. Sleeping plates usually don't have eye holes in the back, so they tend to be quite affordable, and this one had the most beautiful faceup. So once she was here, I put her on the spare white New Super Gem girl body I have:

And this was pretty good--here's how the head stayed on:

She has good head mobility:

The problem was that she had sort of large hands for that smallish head..so I looked around and saw...

... that Maiden body. Here I put on the bottle cap hack that gets Fairyland heads to sit at the right level on the necks--I have it on upside down here and I had to turn it over to get it to fit right (it's been a long time since I have hybridized a Fairyland head). And yes, the body is Normal and the Head is Creamy White. I have decided that no one is ever the right color, and I have chosen to ignore it. Besides, look how cute she is!!

Also, that Maiden body is so much fun to pose:

So it turns out that the somewhat mighty Abraxas is actually a petite Eurasian woman in NS. :D Also, with a bottle cap and a bit of chopstick maybe any FL 60 head can go on a Maiden body.