Stripey Tests the Floor

I was minding my own business, ironing ribbons (doesn't everyone iron ribbons?) and I looked up and THERE WAS A GOOEY SNAKE ON THE LAMINATE. Now we haven't even really walked on the laminate, (we have about 10 doormats scattered around that we use to cross the floor, like walking on lily pads) and now here were snake bodily fluids on the floor. I will say it wiped right up and the snake seemed peeved, but still lively enough to make it awkward to take outside (I am still not ready to just pick them up and carry them).

Once the snake was deposited into the compost pile, where it could hide from the cat, I went around the garden and discovered that the tomato crop was ready to harvest. Both of them:

They were delicious, though. :D


  1. Your tomato crop was equal in size to my strawberry crop. The strawberries were delicious, too. And it is so satisfying to pick them, rinse them, and pop them into your mouth :)

    1. I'm actually hoping for more--we have a bunch of green ones and some warm weather coming up, so I have my fingers crossed. I don't think a strawberry would last ten minutes here between the birds and the rabbits!


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