Soom Beryl Head on a New Soom Body

Some of the older Soom heads that were on the old body are quite large--Cass, Galena and Cuprit are all pretty big. Beryl turns out to be just perfect. For this latest release of Beryl they did resculpt her Romantic head, but whichever head you get will look fine on the new body. A bigger headache will be restructuring the old hooves to fit on the new knees; they won't be able to swap legs because the stringing is so different in the hips between the old and new versions.

Most of the height difference is in the extra leg piece, though the old body torso is slightly longer.


  1. Thanks for the comparison! For a minute there I thought the old body was way taller than the new, but then I remembered the hooves haha, though the new body is still a few centimeters shorter if I'm not mistaken

    1. Yes, you are right--the old torso is a bit taller. I'm going to have to miss this new version (when I added up the options I wanted and the EMS she was over 1000.00, and that is too much for me, as much as I love Beryl. ) :o

    2. That's too bad, I'm passing too. Hopefully we will find owner photos of her in a few months

  2. I love that Soom body Fish. So glad you talked me into one and that was such a tough job. ;)


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