Birds and Cats

We went to the Spirit of Halloween this weekend--we go every year and buy socks, shirts and decos that we use the rest of the year, without irony. This guy fascinated me because he's partly articulated--his jaw and wings move. Never mind the hilariously weird anatomy, he's just cool.

Because the weather is nice, I have been trying to get things painted--I blocked out the beginning of Consuelo's spots (she looks amused)

That little Resinsoul body is just the most awesome thing to pose:

And I painted up my Granado Jaden head. I did an ok job, but that sculpt is drop-dead gorgeous--if I was really skillful he would be amazing.

He's a big head so he fits well on the Old Soom Body (here an old Euclase body), but he would also work on the New Soom Body. He fit on my Impldoll Star but the body was so beefy it didn't really match his smooth, elegant head. I think he'd even fit on a Loongsoul body if their NS is even close to his (he's Normal Pink).

I kind of hate the Euclase feet, and I am thinking of making him smaller, 4 toed claws to fit into those ankle cups--these feet are super heavy and they bang together when I pick him up, which makes dents in my paintjob. I'd like an easier way to pull them on and off for dressing, too--maybe a little hook in the ankle piece to store the elastic when the foot is off. He also needs his legs and arms wired, and yes, clothes.

Another person needing clothes is Forrest, but he seems to be doing ok--I put a cloth over him and Abraxas (Fairyland Celine) and when I put Abraxas away I came back to find him like this:

I'm getting quite fond of that rascal, so he got a mini-manicure too:

And finally here's a normal cat, who never needs clothes or shoes: