Shipping Notice: Resinsoul Hands

I always need hands and I have come to like jointed hands a lot--they aren't as strong as cast one-piece hands for holding things, but they are a must if you want your doll to hold a pen, for example. Resinsouls are relatively inexpensive, even with shipping, and I want to see how well they will fit different bodies here. Right now I have a handless New Soom Girl Body that I just want to get hands on, so I hope the wristballs will fit! Resinsoul also will cast them in this awesome clear blue:

You might have to ask in the Comments box for the clear ones, as I don't see a spot for them on the drop-down Color Choice menu:

I am intrigued by the "Purpel" and I wonder if Raisin needs jointed hands...

Anyway, when they come I will sit down and take some photos.


  1. I have SOOM jointed hands and I love them but they are super pricey, sometimes I can't believe I spent so much just for hands, though they are gorgeous.
    Resinsoul hands look very very nice, specially for that price. I'll be waiting for your opinions on them :D

    1. I've been buying the Granado hands (a little less than the Sooms), and I like them, but these are half what even Dikadoll wants (and I love the dika hands). I just hope they are strung :o


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