Sabik, Only Crabbier

I haven't been over to istockphoto in ages, but when I got a cover assignment a couple of weeks ago, I though I would go see if I could pick up a few guys at low res for general reference. It seems that Corbis or some other vulture has bought up istock, because the prices! Hot damn, it was 30 dollars for a thumbnail for the ones I was even vaguely interested in. So that was no good, and my clipping files are..somewhere in a tupperware in the basement BUT there was a tall gangly guy sitting in a closet just a few feet away from me, so out he came, along with his friend the Granado Pancho, and they posed for me.

It's not an exact likeness of either of them--and that is a good thing. In the meantime I need to go back to my friend Jimmy Thomas over at Romance Novel Covers and see what new photoshoots he has been doing. He's still quite affordable and there is nothing like "work" being paging through a website of handsome men. I need a lumberjack.