One of my Soom Sphaler hybrids has had Simply Divine Hooves on since 2012, and I would like to get them on Sophie Cushion, my old MD Beryl, because she has no hooves of her own. They are also very very nice hooves and Sophie seems to appreciate the best of everything.

However, I seem to have lost Balthazar's Impldoll feet. I vaguely remember sticking them on someone else because they had built-in heel balls, so I assume it was some Soom doll...but otherwise I have no clue. So here is poor Balthazar:

Something needed to be done, so I decided that homemade feet were better than no feet, so once I finished some other stuff, I got out the Fimo and got busy.

I don't recommend the foil or the wire. It turns out the Fimo is plenty strong without them, and the wire shows through the translucent Fimo in spots. I cooked them for 20 minutes and that seemed perfect:

Aaand then I tried them on Balthazar:

And they are too big...or I should say too long, they are like clown feet on him. Also they are Pinky Normal, which looks ridiculous. But it turns out that they are exactly the size, shape and color to fit Aelfric; but he already has perfectly good feet, so I suppose they will just get put in a box for someone else later. And I think that I can make Bal some white sculpey dragon feet, which might be a lot more fun (and need no shoes).


  1. The toes in the toaster shot cracked me up over coffee this morning.

    You inspire me! I have such a back log of bits and body pieces I need to make. >.<;; Maybe this winter I'll get to them.


    1. Come winter I will wish MY toes were in the toaster! They turned out so huge; I have trouble with scale. Things are either too huge or too tiny. I need the photoshop scaler for real life.:D

  2. LOL the oven photo! I saw it out of context this morning on tumblr and I was so sleepy lmao, it's a cool pic though a bit creepy. Perfect for the halloween vibes people seem to be having this time of the year.
    I think they looked quite nice! too bad they were too long. But they looked pretty on their own

    1. I can always use feet so it was OK...I just need to make some more hands... in different positions for some of my navy guys. I have these great cups and no one can hold them yet :o


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