The Arrival Of Venus

She arrived in a much less dignified way than "on a shell with attendants"--it involved one call to the post office, and some driving around in my car to find the postal truck and ask the carrier if he had her box--it turns out the carrier (who was a substitute) had forgotten the box on the floor of the truck. I am sure I would have gotten it eventually, but this was I was able to drive back to the house and wait for it and sign for it with less fuss than chasing it around the back of the post office today. Once she was inside, I was so anxious to open her and be sure she was ok that I took no photos. Because her casting got delayed by DollLive, an unexpected rush of orders at Granado, and even more seriously, Crocus Lee getting an impacted wisdom tooth; I actually had a wig and new clothes and custom jewelry for her.

I hope Crocus Lee understands he can take his time with my orders so that I can get things ready for whoever is coming in--I left a note at the website to that effect but I don't know if he deals with the Q and A himself. In any case, after the untidy arrival she is now lording it over the other less-well dressed arrivals, especially poor Ital, who is sitting at her feet being just a little head..and a hand.

Here's a couple more shots--I have a cover I am working on but I am hoping to get her painted up tomorrow: