Granado on a Soom Body

Please pardon the flyaways--Snowy on Den of Angels wanted to do a Gabe hybrid, so I posted pics of Ereshkigal for her to get an idea of the size and look of the Gabe head on a Soom Super Gem (the old body). There is a small amount of neck gapping:

But overall the proportions are good. Here is a full-length picture:

And a head measurement for wig size (I like 8's myself, this black wig is a 9, I think--I need to make one for her that fits.

The rest of the day was working on something that isn't mine, so I can't post it here, and starting work on something for Granado's future photo contest, assuming I can fit it into whatever theme they choose.

So for no reason here is a squirrel photo: