The Iplehouse Puma

Yes, there IS a puma. I want one but I can't justify it...wah.


  1. You may never have a chance to get one later. I was heartsick I would not get my Angelsdoll Micheal. I nearly went mad when the company almost disappeared with my money, then took months to send him late. If you can afford the kitty, get the kitty. There is no justice, only anarchy, and a kitty!

    *must back up off the coffee*


    1. Well, there is the always Where Will I Put It question. I have also been insanely lucky at finding old releases (it's my weird superpower--I can find old collectibles). I also have an actual puma-doll racing around on the floor right now, high on catnip, so i really don't need a resin one :D


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