Various Odd Discoveries

This is just a hat, frozen to the ground near Costco--no one has been mowing, it's just a Halloween hat, so no one has tried to pry it up, and being frozen down has kept it from blowing away. It looks like a leprechaun dropped it:

And there it sits.

Discovered at Target--exotic Peeps:

J though these were highly disgusting, I was kind of curious, but I didn't buy them--I adore marshmallows, but I don't like the gritty feel of peeps--they seem to me like what happens when you toast marshmallows at the beach and drop one. A chocolate coating might help, but I wasn't willing to pay money to find out.

And finally, Krowbar found Ital the Ice Lord's missing human arm and paperwork, and sent them to me, all the way from the UK! Woot!