Monday, February 22, 2016

Mitsuwa Meet-up, Feb 20th

I left before a lot of people came, so I don't have a ton of photos--but the dolls that were there were very nice--look at this glamorous Switch boy! Here is Akutenshi's Mr. Bun (Soom Northerly Breeze), in a new outfit from Mandarake:

And the back:

And a Hypermaniac girl that Rachel found at the Naperville Doll Show, now all cleaned, wigged and dressed:

I think this is a little Soom bunny girl:

Hmm, now that I look at her I am not sure--maybe Akutenshi will know...anyway, here is a small Chiwoo:

His friend a Fairyland Shiwoo and a Little Fee of some kind:

(I would totally fail a small doll quiz; I can identify Volks Yos because they have their own style, but otherwise I am mystified..but here are two Yo-sds--they are adorable, I wish the photo wasn't blurry:

Finally a Bluefairy boy, maybe a Louis? He was really nice to hold, a good weight and well balanced and very appealing in person!

As for Mitsuwa food, the place that sold bubble tea is gone; but there is a wonderful tempura place instead. The food is beautifully presented:

I admit I just bought a pack of mochi candy ;)

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