Iplehouse Eva and a Magnet

So I have been trying to sell this Garnet head on the Den of Angels MP, without much success, and this means that EVERY DAY I had to be on the MP to push up the listing, which meant that I was looking at what other people had to sell. :P And I found an amazing deal on an Iplehouse Eva--who was not only a great price, but she was in Realskin (a gorgeous color) and on the NYID curvy small body, which I also like a lot, in spite of the noisy hip ratchets. Her first owner was a super nice seller in Seoul with a great reputation--and the best part? She had been kept in a sunny room, and her color had gone from pinky-brown to greenish olive on her legs and forearms, which was why she was marked down so much. (The new Iplehouse realskin is much less sensitive to light than the first batches were). Here's the color shift on the legs--the flat feet were stored in her box so you can see the difference)

This made me happy because I wanted a greenish girl to be an elf girl (I was sort of holding out for an olive green Beryl from Soom, but I think that is not happening), so she would be getting colors and ivy tattoos anyway, and if she is already green, I don't feel the need to keep her always in her box--I can just play with her. So she arrived in record time from Korea, and the box had some amusing tape on it (the outer shipper was recycled):

Her string needed a bit of adjusting--it had worked the knot up into her head, and one of the magnets in her headcap had fallen out in transit, so I needed to put the magnet back in. I originally though I would keep her faceup, but the lips were a little light and I wanted a slightly different eyebrow shape; so I wiped it off carefully and redid it. While I was doing that, I reglued the magnet in the headcap, and then went out to do some errands. And then I came back to find I had glued it back in with the polarity reversed, even though I had marked it--I just forgot that X was "in". :p

I've glued magnets in wrong about 50% of the time; and usually you just put isopropyl alcohol on it, and pop it out by having the magnet stick to the opposing magnet.

But usually I find out almost right away when the magnet is in wrong, so the glue hasn't quite set. (I test them by holding the glued magnet in with my finger and then hold the opposing magnet near enough I can tell if the polarity is right). But this magnet had a nice, clean, deep well with tight sides and plenty of time to cure, and it wasn't budging. I tried hot water, I got stronger magnets to try to pull it out. The Blue Otter Paradise horn (at the top of the magnet stack with tape on it) is especially great for this as it acts as a handle.

But that little magnet was not moving. I finally just had to carve away a narrow channel around the magnet, put in acetone, and pry with an awl before it finally came out.

And you know I tested it this time, once it was glued back in the right way.

So finally her headcap was fixed, and Akutenshi7 had made a nice mohair wig for her, so she is all ready for her closeup (though in a borrowed dress)

I also took down my Garnet listing, because it was costing me money ;)