The Quickie Mop Refill Rant

So this is a Quickie Mop refill. It has these clever plastic tabs with little matching caps on them, and the mop pole has a metal holder with matching holes that holds the refill securely. This way you get to have a nice clean sponge whenever you need them, and the sponge stays put even if you scrub hard. The pole itself has a lever mechanism that folds together the two sides of the sponge so you can squeeze it out. So I went to Target a while back, and I was out of refill sponges, so I was VERY CAREFUL to be sure that I was buying Genuine Replacement Quickie Parts to put on my Quickie Mop handle. I even read the package, which I almost never do (I shop mostly by box color, which is why J does most of the grocery shopping now--vendors keep switching up their packaging which results in me bringing home things that are "diet" or "jalapeno" or "honey nut" instead of what I should have been getting). So I bring it home and it DOES NOT FIT on the handle. Whyyyyyy??? So I look more closely at the mop handle and behold it is a "Type S," and the mop refills are Type Something Else even though they were placed RIGHT NEXT to the same type S mop handle I have.

And they were not cheap. So I'm using them anyway.