Restringing an Impldoll Star Female

So here was my problem--my Impldoll Star Deborah was very stiff-- she didn't have a lot of head movement, and while she sat, she wasn't willing to bend her knees. Deirdre, a Granado Fayette on a Mirodoll body, looks on sympathetically--Deirdre has the opposite problem--she is a noodle :D

Impldoll's Star and Idol bodies now copy Iplehouse's method of have a single string that runs down from the head, crosses at the pelvis, and then goes down to the feet and back up again. My theory was if I divided the elastic into two parts, one part just traveling around the legs (like the new Soom body)--like this:

... and the second part running up from the pelvis to the head, that I would get more leg mobility and more head mobility, and she should sit better. I was concerned that she might not stand securely and I knew that her legs, now unsupported from above, would "drop out" of the sockets when she was lifted--but as Prince Whitemare says, how often do you have your dolls displayed like that? So the first thing to do is re-attach the head, because once you start with the legs, you can't get into the hip sockets any more.

I also decided that I needed to put a bit of moleskin sueding on her neck, because I have had trouble with one of my Soom guys head flipping around as you move him, and the moleskin stops that:

It does show a little--hot glue sueding might be less visible, but I always make lumps with it. She now has good head mobility:

Next I wanted to sew together the elastic for her legs--I checked first, using a knot, to be sure the elastic would be the right length before I sewed, because it is a pain. You need a pair of needle-nose pliers and patience. If you have to do this by hand you need a thimble, and a good one--the elastic is stiffer than the skin of your thumb. I learned this the hard way from doing a Soom body a while ago.

The hemostat is really handy to keep everything in place. Here is my frankensewing finished:

Once the legs were on, could she stand up unsupported? Why yes she can!

And she can stand with her feet apart!

And yes, if you pick her up, her legs want to drop out:

BUT...she now poses great!

Here is the new stringing diagram:

I will put more posing pictures on a new post as this one is getting image-heavy.