Soom Idealian Eden SO

I don't always think to go over and look at the Idealian line, but I have started checking Julia Shin's Instagram and she does the photography for the Idealians, as well as being the director of the Idealian line. And here was Eden, last seen in pasty white being a vampire's lunch..OK, it was really "Eden, Vampire's Lover." She just wasn't my style. (I did like "Elloa, Poison Spell" because she was a 72 cm Beryl, and of course I was delighted with that until common sense took over and said HOW MANY BERYLS DO YOU NEED...and I think maybe I have enough. Maybe. Unless Soom does a Coffee Resin one. I should just make my own with Rit dye; but I digress.)

The Idealian girls are huge, but supposedly better posers than the males, who are as large and immobile as Iplehouse's EID line. And the styling of this tawny sweetheart is so charming. She also has two heads--the first photo is the Romantic head, and here is the default head.

The faceup is by Estebebe and I like her work very much.

Here is Eden's sales page--I am not sure she is "live" (the sold out sticker is up as of 2/5/2016) but you can check her out. Sadly, Soom seems to have pulled her sale, which has saved me a lot of money; but I feel for the others that really wanted her and now must wait and see what happens next.


  1. She's has a nice face - and it's good to hear that the girls are better at posing that the boys.

    I just wish they'd come out with an ID51 size girl - I think that size just doesn't get enough attention.

    1. I am surprised they don't because I think there are more and more "adult" dolls in that size range (I am thinking of Dollshe's Fashion Line and Raccoon Doll). It is a convenient size for a lot of collectors. I have to add that Soom, for mysterious reasons, has pulled the sale! Fransyung, another DoA member who actually had Eden in her cart, asked them why and they said they wanted to "make improvements" and the sale was indefinitely postponed. :(


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