The Art of Cardboard

It's a book by Lori Zimmer and it is so much fun--it is a mix of amazing art and artists, and some fun goofy projects you can do yourself in the back. I bought it because I wanted to see how to handle the edges of cardboard--I made a sort-of-sculpture for the Granado photo contest last year, and I wasn't satisfied with the finished edges of the piece, and I want to make a 20 inch tall Dutch tavern fireplace, with a mantel, and have it light enough to tape to the cardboard tavern "wall". It turns out that cardboard has it's own distinctive look, no matter what artist is using it--rough paper edges, bends in place you don't want and has straight edges where you want curves. I like using it, though--maybe because it handles a lot like polygons in the computer do, with some of the same limitations. (Polygons are less flammable to store, though).

Anyway, the book is put out by Rockport Publishers and you can get it at Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, one of my relatives read the blog and found out I like marshmallows, and sent me some via Amazon, AND with the most ridiculous movie I have ever seen. My family is the best, especially since they are willing to trudge through a thousand pages of doll infos for the occasional plant picture.:D

Here is another page from the cardboard book:

Yes, coincidentally that artist has the same name as the body I am trying to get money together for.

As part of the tavern project, I need buckles from, and heels for Sam's shoes, a tiny backgammon set (easy to make) and about 5 more of those little 2 inch/4.5cm tankards. I'll probably end up making those out of leather or sculpey, but the china ones are so cute--I just have no idea where to find them. I think the one I have was a gift. :D