Iplehouse Does Disney

Or I should say "outfits HEAVILY INFLUENCED by Disney movies". I have always thought Zera was charming and she makes a wonderful Pocahontas. Here's Bliss as the "R rated Snow White" which could be fixed with an underskirt--I actually love Bliss with dark hair and red lips and the outfit is neat if you add a few pieces; otherwise you might lose a dwarf or two to cardiac arrest.

Then there is Harace as Cinderella, looking a bit put out for some reason:

Asa is splendid as Mulan (I am going to make you go look for yourself) and by a stroke of genius they put her on Raffine's engraved body for the shoot, and somehow that looks right:

I have never really warmed up to Yur, but seeing her in tan skin makes her looks much more friendly and charming, and the Jasmine outfit is beautiful:

Then there is Iplehouse's original male and female hanbok sets, with some adorable photos:

(That is Aria and Bichun, by the way). You can see the height difference between the S.I.D body and the E.I.D body here. EIDs are big, which is partly what is keeping me from getting Lawrence--Lawrence is just too big; though he is, with his Navy uniform, almost exactly what I was looking for when I was looking around for a doll to be Captain Aldwood--even his face is right. But since I already have a satisfactory matched set for Aldwood and Coppersmith, Lawrence's huge self will just have to carry on at Iplehouse. In fact the whole EID crew is not coming here-- along with tinies, they just aren't a livable size for me.

I spent a few minutes this morning hooking up a NYID body for my Bianca vampire head, so if anyone needs to see how the hip stringing needs to go, here it is:

The "dirt" in the hip is the previous owners hot glue sueding, and it is very helpful in keeping the hips from slipping around--the little hook needs the perfect tension to work right, and my dolls never seem to be anything other than super floppy. I do actually prefer them like that, so the dolls don't get chips or tension cracks, but it does make it harder to pose them.


  1. Iple does marvellous clothing, though I don't understand why they keep doing heavily inspired outfits when they have enough creativity to do their own versions. I mean they can take the same tales and do something less Disney like. That would be nicer imo, like the Mulan one, which is my favorite btw haha.
    And then the hanbok sets are lovely too~

    1. I am not sure--it might be they think doing something familiar is a safe bet, though when it comes to copyright "you don't mess with the Mouse" as one professor of mine said. :D


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