Poses After New Stringing: Impldoll Star Female

Here she is sitting unsupported on the back of the chair--I had to pull the knee out, but it certainly is better than it was when she couldn't even bend her knees. The knee channels are very small, and I wonder if that is part of the problem. More posing:

There is a clever little stop in her elbow so she can hold this arm pose:

She's no minifee--but she also is about twice the weight and a third again as tall, so this pose is surprising. Here's a pose with a little cheat, propped by the chair on one spot:

Just sitting gracefully now:

So the new stringing was worth the trouble! I still need to suede her shoulders, but at this point I can work on things like clothes..and a faceup when the weather warms up. (She will look a little like the "Water" image from a few posts ago.)


  1. I really like the way Impledoll is stepping up to the plate. I know quite a few people who would not have any other bodies and just get more expensive doll heads for them.

  2. I'm fond of them just as dolls--when you get a good one, the posing is super, and I am fond of the old sculpts too--they have a lot of personality. I also worry less when I am hauling them around, and that makes them more fun too. :D


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