Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Among other things, today I made a rickety bench for my Granado boys to sit on. There is plenty of raw material from leftovers from the woodshop, but I can't use the shop itself--first of all it is set up for J and I don't go in there (I have trouble even finding the power switches in there). I went in this morning to borrow a chisel and discovered that the skunk, which is normally a little stinky and lives under the raised side of the shop, had sprayed somewhere in his hole-- and the concentration of skunk smell was enough to make my eyes water. So I left the chisel where it was on the rack and went back outside.

I have my own tools in the house, and normally I would use them on the sun porch; but the sun porch is about 22 degreesF now during the day, and the big table in there is covered with the parts of a blanket chest J is working on-- and there really isn't any place to move them (also they are clamped and drying, so I didn't want to touch them. I didn't want to work on the sewing table because that is the "good" table we eat on at holidays, and J frowns on having paint and sawdust on the table we eat on. Downstairs the only table is covered with doll boxes, stacked 4 high. So that left the bathroom counter, which was warm, fairly well lit, and there was a handy plug right there for the dremel. Since I was not trying for style points with the bench, it went together fast. The whole time I was working, I thought of Glyndarling making her artists doll Fuselli in the bathroom, presumably including the silicon molds as well as the LaDoll paperclay. It must have been a squeeze to take a shower, but less so than in my Seattle friend's house, who used the shower as a place to store home-made fermenting beer (since now and then one would blow and the ceiling would have to be rinsed). I try not to keep stuff in the bathroom (for one thing it's a wet environment) but sometimes it ends up being the best place to sprout a flat of seeds or hang up a dress that has just been Rit-dyed. (Pro tip-- put a plastic garbage bag under the dress so it won't stain the floor as it drips. Also DO NOT put freshly dyed garments in the dryer. You will be sad.)

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