Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Dawn

larger of this one 1408x1104

I was filling up the Dawn bottle and mixing in water (the kind I use is the 2x concentrated kind, and I find it's easier to just pour some in a second bottle, and then add a lot of water, than deal with the concentrated mix right out of the original bottle).The results looked so cool that I went and got my camera. I think I can use these to float some Poser mermaids later, but in the meantime here they are for anyone who needs abstract blue bubbly "underwater" photos:

Here's the second one 999x632

And the third one 1143x757

Erzulie, my Impldoll Star/Idol combo was supposed to go up for Valentine's Day yesterday, but Comcast seemed unwilling to post it up, so I gave up and went to bed instead. Here she is--hope your Valentine's Day was nice!