Angelheim vs SID

Angelheim bodies are big. Or maybe I should say they were big, as I think the company was bought out by D-Storic and then sort of dwindled away. I could be wrong. In any case, you can still get Angelheim Elder bodies second-hand. They are 75 centimeters tall (Iplehouses's SID line males are 65 cm tall). Angelheim bodies can carry a Simply Divine Harlequin or Thomas head just fine, as well as your spare large Iple guy heads. They are are also quite affordable, especially compared to the 650 USD full doll price for the SID; I paid just over 200 for this Angelheim body. Oddly, the Angelheim bodies weigh a little less than the SID--the Angelheim body weighs 4pounds 3 ounces, and the SID weighs about 4 pounds 4 ounces, inspite of being shorter. The difference in height is mostly leg.

SID feet are larger..

SID hands are larger.


And the Angelheim knees are constructed very differently. To me seeing this knee makes me think that all of Valentine's future trousers will be made of stretchy fabrics.