Why we have ants...

For Valentine's Day, J made me a "pink cake". it's based on the Williamsburg Orange Cake recipe and he was a little disappointed with the appearance, but I said no photo could show how delicious it was, and that part of the problem was that I ate a lot of the frosting before he was able to put it on the cake (and I am regretting it today ;o). We'll have a couple more pieces and then it will once again be "Baked Goods Monday" at J's work. His co-workers have come to expect treats on Monday from his experiments on the weekend, since no way can the two of us eat all that J creates. Though I did manage to disappear an entire chocolate cake at my birthday, mostly unaided. :D

It turns out that it's much easier to cut a neat slice after the cake has been refrigerated for a day. It also turns out J's co-workers will be disappointed on Monday.