I conquer Doll Eyelashes

I've always hated purchased doll eyelashes--plasticy, out of scale, expensive and sticky little buggers that they are. But last night I figured out an easy way to make doll eyelashes that I like--I took some old fur trim (and you can use any hair for this..I am looking at my cats and my cats say NO), and laid the pieces on some wax paper, and smeared Elmer's Glue on the edges. When it was dry I peeled the pieces off the wax paper and trimmed off most of the glue side and shaped the hair side until I had it the thinness and size I wanted. Then I just superglued the tiny strip of Elmer's to the edge of the eyewell, like a normal doll eyelash. And the price was very cheap!

That's the Granado Davon up there, aka "Captain Davon". I can't sew clothes for him until his body comes, so in the meantime he is on a too-small AoD body that belongs to someone else, but it's better than a glue bottle.

And joy, latest cover was approved! Time for a celebratory peanut butter and jelly sandwich.