Or-doll Little Y

She's a cute little doll--I'm not sure yet if I want to keep her, because I really don't have any "little girl" dolls nor any real desire for them (Little Y just appeared at my house), but for now she sits on an AoD body. Buff repainted her so she doesn't look faded, too!

See the gypsophila in the flower arrangement? First Stripey tried to eat it, and now the ants are climbing up into the flowers, carefully nipping off the gypsophila buds, and carrying them to the wall outlet and inside. Soon that outlet will stop working, I will call the electrician, and he will come and ask why the outlet is stuffed full of tiny flowers. And I will have to tell him "The ants did it".

It will be like the whipped cream in the sewing machine all over again.

Hope your Valentine's Day was happy!