Sarqq's Mystique

Sarqq was thinking of selling this beautiful Soom Dia, but I am hoping that she has changed her mind--this is a new faceup for the doll, and even more gorgeous than the previous version. Also, I think that if you have already paid for the shipping and custom fees to get a doll into the EU, you should keep that doll. And no one on Earth is going to make Mystique more beautiful than this.(And I think she has new Breccia claw hands). More splendid photos here:

I would write something about what is going on here today, but all I did was chip ice off the 100* foot driveway. I would rather shovel 2 feet of snow than one inch of ice. I still haven't gotten it all, and I am out of Johnny Cat to put on it. (The driveway does not get the expensive clumping cat litter). But unless I plan on going tobogganing down the hill in the cars, I need to get more ice off of that driveway. A flamethrower would be really nice. And fun.

It has been pointed out to me that if you can park 5 cars end to end in the driveway, it's probably only 50 feet long. It just feels longer.