Stringing Benmore

Soom includes three lengths of elastic in the kit--the shortest length is for the arms, the medium length is to be folded in half and used to hold the head on, and the longest piece goes around through the legs. The only place where you might want hooks (and Soom doesn't send any) is for the hands. Or you can untie the shortest piece of elastic and loop it over the posts in the hand pieces. I made my own hooks.

The arms are already sort of put together. I found it easier to pull off the shoulder piece to string the arms.

Now for the head stringing:

Now the legs:

For some reason I didn't do any pictures of putting the feet on, but the earlier post Super Gem Stringing Guide shows that. Here's Antoine all strung, if bald:


  1. hi i'm interested in soom super gem. the thigh hip joint area looks a bit different since its not strung up into body. how is the body sitting and leg posing? looks like there is no tension between upper body and lower body.

  2. He sits fine, but his legs are perennially floppy, because as you said, there is very little tension between the upper and lower parts of the body--just the short elastic piece running from the crotch to the head. There isn't even anywhere to put a wire that is effective. I kept Tremo because I love his silly face and I wasn't willing to put it on another body, but I haven't bought another Soom boy since. The old bodies were less handsome, I will admit!


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