Otters, bicycle race, rocks from space

Since I am supposed to be working, and not photographing dolls, here are some otters, and a thrill ride on a bicycle in Valparaiso, Chile sent to me by my friend Laura:(there is a dog hazard, too)

Valparaiso Bicycle race

Laura also commented on why giant rocks from space don't impress the Russians:

Russians are like that, though...they're all: "No big deal. That was interesting---need to stop at the grocery on my way home." Very pragmatic people. They're only a generation or two removed from bread lines. Americans are severely pampered. That kinda puts a dividing line between our reactions. I guess one of the greatest examples of the Russian's pragmatism would be in the space race story... The US spent an astronomical amount of money to develop the zero-g pen, allowing the astronauts to write in space. The Russians looked at that, shook their heads and handed their astronauts a pencil.