Ilsonya's Blog

I've gotten addicted to checking Ilsonya's blog: and then . I keep thinking I should try reading it via Chrome, since that is supposed to translate automatically, but I am lazy and would have to look into importing my bookmarks and passwords-- since it is apparently too hard for me to start a new browser to look at one site. My laziness also makes it delightful to read the blog; Ilsonya and her friends diligently sort through every imaginable ball-jointed doll site and drag out, with pictures, everything they find; and they find new stuff every day. Ilsonya herself does the bulk of the posting.(I suspect she surfs at work as she occasionally complains about her view being "a snow-covered parking lot".) I find her posts fairly easy to read as she writes straightforward Russian that the translator can handle pretty well, and even the humor comes through. I'm always interested in her and her co-writer's opinions of the dolls, and often surprised at how global culture is now--American movies, Japanese manga and British literature are all casually referenced. They also have shrewd observations about the doll companies--Ilsonya noted that Luts has not only come out with a 16 cm delf body, based on the old CP style body, but once again offers the old CP style not just in white and normal but tan..for the same price. "Luts goes on the warpath!"

And the comments are often very funny. I don't understand all of them (most are quite short and too slang for the translator to handle) but every now and then one makes me LOL. Some of the words that look like nonsense at first from the translator you can figure out if you say them out loud--they are phonetic. Here's a few that seem consistent:

pupa= doll

fulsetnaya= fullset

kospleershey= cosplayer

"growth of"= height (as in centimeters)

Sum =Soom

meiko= makeup

feysap= faceup

feysapa= faceups (many of the translated words end up with an a tacked on, it seems to be a "plural" designation.

hinges= joints


carcass= body

There are other words that are consistently mysterious but are straight converted Russian, probably with meanings that the translator is too prissy to explain: like "This is crap" but "crap" comes out as some mysterious word with lots of V's and o's. I'm thinking of getting a Russian-English slang dictionary.

Ilsonya also has an avatar with different faceplates. It is adorable.