Snow at Last

We finally have some snow on the ground, and it has warmed up enough I was able to go out in my sweater to sweep the porch and check the thermometer in the pond (holding steady at 45 degrees). The cats chased snowballs, and my neighbor with the hockey rink was out sweeping it (he may be wishing he had just paid for season passes for the Blackhawks, now). Life is a lot better, now that you can go outside without your nostrils freezing together. I did get some doll stuff done, I made a wig for my future Royal Navy Captain (this or something like it will be his "regular" hair:

In case you were wondering why I just don't buy a cheap fur wig, instead of recreating one at home, this is why (found on the internets, made me laugh):

Sirisstar (who bought an astro painting from me at Chicon) sent me an Angelheim Elder body and those things are BIG--big enough to carry a big Iplehouse head, if you want. Even my huge Simply Divine Harlequin head looks kind of petite on it:

And finally, Random House has reissued the Bell Jar, the 50th anniversary edition, with some cheesy stock art and Really Bad typography. So of course all us b list cover artists had to get in and make some new covers. This was my favorite of the volunteer crop, by artist John Hornor:

Horner's cover not only perfectly fits my publisher's guidelines, it passed the Hawkeye Initiative test, which you can see here:

The Hawkeye Initiative

I occasionally check my own covers with Hawkeye, and mostly they do ok (see Isabel, for example).