Headless Alice

I had a chance to buy an New Youth Iplehouse Doll body very cheaply..the catch was that it had..no head. I thought that I had plenty of heads here, and the Normal Skin is pretty easy to match, so I jumped on it. And here it is, with my Cream White SID Jessica in a supporting role.

It's a nice body, a little startlingly loud (there are ratchets in the hips) but unfortunately Iplehouse, whether by accident or design, made a neck that I will either have to mod-- or find some odd head/native Iplehouse head to go onto it. The neck flares out at the top, and it will take a Soom girl head, but Gneiss at least looks strange sitting on there. I think I'd like an Iplehouse Asa or Eva head, but that means laying in wait for Iplehouse to decide to sell some extra heads, or park at the bottom of the Den of Angels marketplace, waiting for one to bob up. My plan was to make an "Alice" doll, since apparently no doll fancier's collection is complete without one. If I was smart I would just make my own head.

And this evening, the ants continue to wander about.

That would be the kitchen radio, under the cabinet. Farkin' ants.