Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Soom Benmore-Cernunnos Kit arrives!

No blue box, which might be standard for kits? This is the first kit I have ordered from Soom, so I have no idea. And now the stuff!

The much-awaited Pointy Ears Head..which is not an Amber. But cute.

And now a profile:

Sadly, not a girl. Merry will just have to find another head for her body, poor thing!

The adorable human head. I like this one even better than the pointy ears head:

View from the front:

The issue I had with "no room for the leg knots" has been fixed, too--in both the human legs and the fantasy legs:

Glorious hoof feets:

No need for hooks on the hooves, either--they are molded on!

And the human head has pockets for the magnets so he can wear the horns too. :D

Once again, I was amazed to get everything pre-sanded--somebody at Soom is very nice to me! Now I just need to wait for it to be warm enough I can spray him and give him a face--in the meantime he needs clothes, like everyone else.

It was like Christmas all over again!

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